6 Quick Ideas to Liven Up Your Laundry Room Design

The laundry room is a space of utility: it’s not meant for entertaining or cooking, and you may even resent spending time in it. However, that doesn’t mean that it should be overlooked in your renovation! In fact, there are a few unique features you can opt for that can help the room pop and even make your life a little easier.

When it comes to design…

• A bold paint color or wallpaper can make a huge difference in how the space feels. Like the powder bath, the laundry room is a small space that accepts daring patterns and hues gracefully. A fun idea is to take this opportunity to paint the walls your all-time favorite color – royal blue, anyone?
• Or if color isn’t your thing, an accent texture could fit the bill. Shiplap has become popular in recent years thanks to HGTV’s Fixer Upper, and exposed brick remains popular for those with an industrial flare. A full-height tile backsplash is another way to integrate texture and color, and you can even link the laundry and kitchen with a matching splash at both.
• Combine utility and flair with a chalkboard or whiteboard on the door. One option is to paint the panel of a one panel door with chalkboard paint; another is to install opaque glass in the panel. Both options make a great space for list making, love note writing, and doodle drawing!

In terms of function…

• Make the most of the space you have: if your laundry room is small, consider in-drawer or fold down ironing boards, pull-out valet rods, and keep your eyes peeled for innovative solutions for otherwise cumbersome tasks, like these compact hanging racks!
• If you have a little more wiggle room, consider adding a special feature according to your family’s needs. Have a dog with an affinity for mud? There’s a solution for that. Is Christmas your favorite holiday? Add a gift-wrapping station! Feeling childlike and a little spontaneous? Why not a… slide? (Ok – maybe that last one isn’t as function-oriented as the rest! But I couldn’t resist.)
• The more counter space, the better! If you have the square footage, adding an island or peninsula makes for a perfect platform for folding, sorting, stain removing, present wrapping – you get the picture.

Don’t let your laundry room be a place of stains, sadness, and suds-based-suffering. A little design flair and useful custom features can help it feel just as homey as the rest of your home, sweet home!

Need help planning your perfect laundry room? We’re happy to help! Just drop us a note.

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