A Quick Guide to Tile

When it comes time to make tile selections for your remodel, it’s not unlikely that you may feel a little overwhelmed. Not only are there countless tile vendors, but there are a wide variety of price points, colors, and formats (oh my!).  In an attempt to use a little of our professional knowledge to make your life easier, we’ve compiled a quick guide to tile, a complement to another one of our blog posts, all about countertops. Hopefully this makes at least one part of your design process simpler!

  • Ceramic and Porcelain
    • Construction: clay is pressed into shape and fired at high temperatures.
    • Price point: $-$$
    • Durability: high
    • Best uses: anywhere and everywhere; ceramic and porcelain come in a wide variety of formats, shapes, and can even include 3-D textures. Check out Porcelanosa for their wide range of porcelain and ceramic tiles.
  • Natural stone
    • Construction: natural stone, harvested and cut into tiles, finished typically via polishing or honing
    • Price point: $$$-$$$$
    • Durability: ranging from low (for softer stones, like marble and limestone) to high (granite and slate). Note that natural stone must be sealed to ensure durability in wet areas.
    • Best uses: anywhere and everywhere; just be sure you’re willing to put in the time and effort that natural stone maintenance requires if you’re installing in a high traffic area.
  • Glass
    • Construction: varies; most often, flat glass is cut into shapes and fired
    • Price point: $$-$$$
    • Durability: moderately high, but susceptible to scratches
    • Best uses: anywhere except floors, as glass can be slippery. Glass mosaics are particularly popular in bathrooms and as backsplashes.
  • Metal
    • Construction: sheets of metal are cut into shapes and polished
    • Price point: $$$-$$$$
    • Durability: high
    • Best uses: accent walls or strips; can add an industrial touch around a fireplace (but note that the tiles may get hot in this application)

Of course, this is not by any means an exhaustive list – there are terracotta tiles, natural pebble mosaics, cement, laminate, cork… you get the idea!  Check out our full portfolio for additional tile inspiration.  For a more detailed guide to all things tile (fabrication, installation, and maintenance), drop us an email. Our team can advise on the perfect material for your needs.

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