Benefits Of Hiring A NARI Professional Remodeler

During National Home Improvement Month

Hiring A Professional Remodeler In May

What Is A NARI Member?

May marks an important month for acquiring a professional remodeler. Since 2002, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) has marked May as National Home Improvement Month. This holiday is meant to spark more home improvements and help homeowners easily contact a professional remodeler for their home projects. Learning about the quality of your home and how to identify problems within it is a big part of National Home Improvement Month.

Members of NARI are dedicated to upholding high standards of integrity, professional education, and market recognition. Because NARI members voluntarily follow a strict code of ethics, homeowners can always be confident that their NARI remodeler is properly insured and following all relevant regulations. When you hire a NARI member, you hire a company dedicated to professionalism.

NARI Professional Remodeler Code Of Ethics

Upholding A High Standard Of Quality

Professional remodelers who are members of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry adhere to the highest standard of excellence. Specifically, there are a number of direct ethics codes that each NARI member must voluntarily follow. These ethics are intended to ensure the values and quality of NARI members are consistent and reliable across the board. Find a breakdown of the NARI code of ethics here.

Following this code of ethics helps ensure that your professional remodeler will guarantee quality and exceptional service. The goal of NARI is to help homeowners to find the right professional partner to perform their remodeling services, whether it be updating a kitchen or a whole home remodel. In addition, each NARI member has access to resources and the latest home renovation information, meaning that your professional will be knowledgeable and current on trends and technological advancements within the industry.

Benefits Of Working With A NARI Professional Remodeler

Ensuring A Successful Remodel

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry is the only national association dedicated solely to home remodeling. All NARI members are focused on advancing and promoting the remodeling industry’s professionalism, products, and customer experience. The benefits of choosing a NARI professional remodeler include the following:

Knowledge And Experience

NARI can help you easily identify a professional remodeler who has met the industry standard for remodeling business management and operations. Each NARI-certified professional remodeler has demonstrated its commitment to excellence and validates its knowledge annually. The experience of a professional remodeler is invaluable; NARI members can anticipate and identify potential issues with your remodel and offer a knowledgeable and reliable solution to counter them. This makes your life easier and the process swifter, as it helps avoid long delays and headaches.

Risk Management

In order to stay in good standing with the NARI, members must adhere to local and state standards of insurance and licensing. Ensuring your contractor company is bonded and carries insurance for all crew and staff is an important part of a professional remodeling job. You want your project to be in good hands with trusted professionals to do your job correctly. NARI makes it easy to ensure that the company you hire has all the correct credentials every time.

Quality Assured

While it may be tempting to redo parts of your home yourself or with easy DIY methods, a qualified professional remodeler is the best way to ensure that your remodel job is done correctly. When you decide to take on an extensive remodeling project, saving money by cutting corners and skipping steps can end up causing damage in the long run. In addition, having to redo old remodeling jobs done incorrectly can cost you money and time. Instead, hiring a NARI-certified professional remodeler will allow you to complete your job and allow you to relax in your home for years to come.

Steps To Home Improvement

For National Home Improvement Month

As the National Home Improvement Month, May is a perfect time to get started on all of the home improvement projects on your list. Whether you need a new kitchen, bathroom, home addition, basement, or exterior replacement, a home remodel can refresh your space and bring you joy. However, if you aren’t sure where to start, here are the four major steps in any remodeling process:

Hiring A Professional

Making sure that a top professional remodeler helms your team is potentially one of the most important steps. Whether it is a general contractor, designer, or specialist, checking references and reviews are important to ensure you’re hiring the best contractor in your budget to complete the job correctly. Word of mouth, reviews, and looking at portfolios are always a good way to hear how your contractor handles a home remodeling job, but the way to ensure success is to locate a NARI-certified company, so you can be sure you’re receiving the highest quality service and workmanship you can employ. 

Inspiration Planning

Finding inspiration is easy in today’s online world. Image gallery apps and sites can allow you to create entire mood boards and collections of your favorite remodeling ideas. These can simplify the process of showing your professional remodeler precisely what you want from your home improvement projects. Thinking about things such as a growing family, storage space, functionality, and modernization can help steer you in the right direction. Considering the reasons and inspiration behind your remodel will ensure you successfully accomplish your dream project.

Budget Planning

Budget is a huge factor in planning your remodeling project. Considering things such as the resale value of your home along with the scope and size of your project. Besides cosmetic appearance, your home may require more extensive work on plumbing, appliances, electrical, and other features. These will impact the overall amount you can spend on your remodeling project. Ask your professional remodeler about the multiple options available for your remodeling project, and ensure you are working with a company that uses quality products with a warranty. Working with a NARI-certified member is the best way to ensure you receive quality service for your budget.

Finishing Steps

After your remodel is complete, taking a moment to walk through the remodel will ensure you can make any necessary requests for changes from your professional contractor. Communication is critical in this step, so it is important to let your contractor know if there is anything you are unhappy about. Ensuring you know the proper maintenance for every aspect of your home remodel will also ensure you can keep your space looking and working correctly throughout the years. Leaving positive feedback and providing pictures for reviews and your contractor’s portfolio will also help others find the references they are looking for. Now you can fully enjoy your home remodel!

Remodeling With A NARI Professional Remodeler

How Kasper Custom Can Help

NARI-certified professionals are fully invested in providing high-quality remodeling services. Each member is committed to professionalism, impeccable customer service, and understanding of the latest trends in the design industry. Each NARI member has undergone a series of classes and rigorous exams to achieve their NARI certification. By hiring a NARI professional, you work with a company that supports and represents your interests.

Kasper Custom Remodeling strives to provide excellent service and quality products to satisfy our clients. In addition to our NARI membership, we are recognized as NARI Universal Design Certified Professionals (UDCP). This means we are regarded as experienced remodelers in the industry and skilled in all aspects of universal design and remodeling. Every remodeling job we take on will ensure that we conduct a needs assessment and utilize universal design techniques to address the needs of all of our clients.

When you take on a remodeling project with Kasper Custom Remodeling, you will see the difference in our detail-oriented, reliable, and dedicated service. Whether you’re remodeling one room or your entire home, careful planning with certified professionals is the best way to prevent poor performance. So if you’re looking for your next upgrade, look no further than the experienced professionalism of Kasper Custom Remodeling. Contact us to learn more!

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