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Our home remodeling blog covers information on home design, project planning, and all things remodeling and renovation in easy-to-swallow, fun-to-read articles.  Don’t miss our series on How to Avoid a Remodeling Meltdown.  You can also find additional articles and information here:  Houzz Stories by Hannah Kasper

Part 1: Getting the Right Bid

It’s the question everyone wants the answer to: How much is this going to cost?  How do I know I am getting the right bid? However, the answer isn’t nearly as simple as the question. Lesson one: [...]

Part 2: The Importance of Schedules

Time and timing is crucial in the construction industry. Every homeowner wants to know “how long will this take and when can we get started?” – with good reason. Length of a project can determine [...]

Part 5: Phone a Friend

I’m hoping everyone who reads this has watched Who Wants To Be A Millionaire at least once, otherwise the metaphor I’m about to make may not make sense. I’m going to continue on with that [...]

Part 6: Apples Versus Oranges

In your hunt for a contractor, you may want to get a couple of bids on the same project to make sure you are getting a fair price. What’s even likelier is that you will take two different [...]

Part 8: Remodeling Contracts and You

Contracts can be a scary thing. When you get one, you read over it. You have your lawyers read over it. Then, you have your lawyers’ lawyers read over it. You may even ask your dog to sniff it in [...]

Part 9: The Price Is Right

One thing that I often hear when I ask prospective clients the question “do you have a budget or a price range you’d like to stay in?” is something along the lines of “oh, I don’t know. I was [...]

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