Four Ideas For An Amazing Bonus Room

Did your oldest child just move out (for good this time – they swear)? Do you have a spare bedroom that’s collecting old junk and clothes like it belongs on an episode of Hoarders? Or are you just looking to be a little selfish and create a space in your home that’s just for you? No matter the case, check out these ideas for how to transform an purposeless space into a kicka** bonus room.

  1. If you’re a movie buff (or just like to binge Netflix), consider a theater room. Cozy couches + huge TV (90″? Sounds good to us!) and surround sound + blackout shades over any windows = a cozy cave perfect for whatever you’re streaming. More good news: at-home theaters don’t have to be titanic in size (pun intended); in fact, some experts recommend smaller rooms so you don’t have to install large sound equipment.
  2. Or, if you’d prefer to disconnect from technology for a bit, a yoga studio might be more your speed. With some dimmable lights (for cozy yin practices), a speaker system (so you can lose yourself in a chill playlist), and a wall of mirrors (for form adjustments and/or post-practice selfies) you’ll be set. In terms of finishes, opt for hard surfaces on the floor for stability and chill colors on the walls. We’re fond of Sherwin Williams’ Livable Green (pairs great with house plants!) and Restoration Hardware’s Silver Sage.
  3. Whether you love it or hate it, sometimes working from home is unavoidable! Make it that much more pleasant by creating your own home office. Our tips for a solid home office? Install some built-in shelving and a desk, add plenty of windows for natural light (it boosts productivity!), and – if you’re as easily distracted as I am – look into some sound proofing for the walls; it really helps cut down on distractions when it’s time to buckle down!
  4. Craving an escape all your own? There’s something about this cozy nap/reading nook that tells us a.) there’s no wrong way to create a bonus room and b.) it’s time for a nap.

If you need more bonus room-spiration, give us a call! From wine cellars to yoga studios to massage rooms, we’ve built it all and are happy to help brainstorm ways to build a bonus room perfect for you and yours.

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