Part 3: What To Do Before You Say “I Do”

So, you’ve finally found the one, you’ve found your dream remodeler. He likes you. He really, really likes you! And you think you’re ready to take the next big step: you’re ready to sign a contract with him. But, wait! Before you sign anything legally binding, stop, step back, and ask yourself these questions:

  • Has my contractor provided any references? If so, have I contacted any of them? Even if you have seen a company’s work before or used them previously, it’s important to check out any referrals they provide. And if they don’t provide any, or refuse to when you ask? I would seriously suggest looking for another option.
  • Have I received an all-inclusive scope of work, a fixed-cost bid that reflects this scope, and a thorough scheduleI’ve detailed the importance of each of these items in previous posts, but it bears repeating. Planning and organization on behalf of the homeowner and the contractor is a necessity for a project to go smoothly.
  • Have I researched my prospective contractor? With Google being so well-known that it’s coined its own verb, this question might seem a little redundant, but it’s worth stating. Do a little googling and see if there’s anything note-worthy (good or bad) about the company.
  • How is my gut feeling about this contractor? While all of the above questions are related to facts and logic, something just as important is how you feel about a person. So what if they offer a great price and gorgeous “Before & Afters” to boot? Do you feel like they might break your heart (or your wallet)? Don’t be so quick to sign those papers.

Still feel comfortable with your prospective contractor after quizzing yourself a little? Go ahead, sign those papers. I think it’s safe to say that you’ve found your remodeling soul mate.

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