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Custom Cabinet Applications

  • Kitchens, pantries
  • Bathrooms, makeup vanities
  • Closets
  • Built-in Desks
  • Built-in Storage
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Custom Cabinetry For Every Room In Your Home

Beautiful Storage Is Possible!

Why settle for cookie-cutter cabinets when you can reflect your personal style in any of your rooms with custom cabinets? Establishing your style in the kitchen, bathrooms, or other rooms starts with beautifully crafted custom built cabinets that can be tailor-made to your space! Cabinets are the focal point of your kitchen and bathroom areas that you see everyday. Whatever cabinet style you like, why not have them perfectly proportioned and crafted to your tastes? Your kitchen and bathrooms will thank you for the upgrade, and trust us, those cabinets will become the center of attention in the best way possible. Custom cabinetry can bring countless options to your home, and even more benefits, such as:

Perfectly Fitted

Whatever kitchen, bathroom, or closet layout you may have, custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets provide a way to make sure that your pots, pans, towels, or clothes fit perfectly inside! Custom cabinetry can be built to any size, length, depth, or area imaginable, so your imagination is the limit for finding the perfect place to add some cabinets. You’ll not only increase the usable space in whatever room you decide, but you’ll have beautiful, functional storage.

Built To Last

Our cabinet-makers take pride in the custom cabinetry work they provide, meaning that only the finest materials are sourced for a final product! Think of them as the Picasso of cabinetry, carefully crafting a luxurious, durable finished product to make your space shine. Whether you want a place to store your coffee collection or somewhere to organize messy kid’s toys, custom cabinetry is an investment in a work of art to hide your clutter and last for years!

Personalized Selection

Why settle for a stock cabinet that matches everyone else’s homes when you can have a unique masterpiece? Custom cabinets are like a blank canvas for your creativity! Say goodbye to the basic options and embrace endless possibilities. With custom cabinetry, you’re the boss. You can pick everything from your wood, style, finish, door styles, and hardware, meaning your cabinets will be completely personalized.

Quality Materials

Forget one-size-fits-all stock cabinets, we’re working with high-quality custom cabinetry built to last. Custom cabinet makers, like our partner Crystal Cabinet Works, will use only the best quality materials to create your one-of-a-kind cabinets built for any room in your house. Choosing custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets can make sure that they are as unique as you are and crafted with the utmost care to ensure they’ll stand the test of time and elevate the beauty of your space.

built in ovens, warming drawer and refrigeration in Southlake kitchen remodel
Want some help parsing through the choices of materials and cabinet door styles?

Kasper And Crystal Cabinet Works

The Custom Cabinets Dream Team

We’ve teamed up with the fabulous folks at Crystal Cabinet Works—a family-owned custom cabinet maker hailing from Minnesota—to bring you the most stunning, high-quality custom cabinets you could ever imagine! From kitchens to bathrooms, your cabinets can reflect your unique style and add to your rooms. Whether you’re revamping your current space or diving into a brand-new dream home adventure, we’re here to cover all your bases when it comes to cabinetry. We’ll handle all the details during your remodel— from designing, ordering, delivering, and even installation!

Our Custom Cabinet Projects

But where can you put cabinets in your home? Just about anywhere! Our custom cabinetry projects have extended beyond kitchens to bring a personalized touch to countless homes in Dallas. Behind all the magic are our partners at Crystal Cabinet Works, who take pride in providing the finest quality custom cabinets for any of your storage needs! Check out some of the projects we’ve seen below and get inspired!

  • Kitchens, pantries
  • Bathrooms, makeup vanities
  • Closets
  • Built-in Desks
  • Built-in Storage

If you don’t see your project in mind- reach out to us! Your vision for your home is what is key here, and Kasper Custom Remodeling has your back to take on any new project in cabinetry needs. We love a good challenge, so feel free to let your imagination roam!

Materials We Offer

Something we love about custom built cabinets is the ability to choose the material you want them to be made of! If you’ve ever wanted cabinets that stand out from the rest, custom bathroom and kitchen cabinets are fully customizable to match your preferences. Wood and MDF, veneers, and laminates are all options that Crystal Cabinet Works offers to allow you to pick something perfect for your home!

From Inspiration to Completion

We Are Your Local Design Experts

Let us introduce you to the dream team for custom cabinetry: Kasper Custom Remodeling and our partner, Crystal Cabinet Works. Together, we’re here to take your home upgrade game to a whole new level. Here’s the deal: we’re all about those little details that make a big difference. No hidden fees or shortcuts, just accurate fixed-price quotes, top-notch workmanship, and careful planning every step of the way. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure your custom cabinetry fits like a glove. Oh, and did we mention that our crew is all properly certified and educated?

Worried about the hassle of custom cabinetry? Fear not! Our timely and creative team handles everything for you. We’re a local, woman-owned and operated company dedicated to making your house the home of your dreams. Kasper is your first and only National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) accredited home remodeling company in Dallas, so whether you’ve got a clear vision or need some help with the design, we’ve got you covered. From scratch or with existing plans, we’re here to provide stunning custom cabinets that fit your unique project like a charm.

A video tour of Crystal Cabinet Works factory

Custom Cabinets Crafted To Perfection

Presenting: Our Portfolio!

Every project we take on is all about the details, making sure we not only meet but exceed your wildest expectations. And guess what? We’re not just about design; we’ll also be with you every step of the way, from meticulous planning to our fixed-quote pricing, all the way to that grand reveal. As a design-build firm, there’s no more juggling different contractors – we’ve got you covered. Check out our portfolio and see why our quality custom cabinetry is worth the hype!

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