Fun in the Sun with Custom Cabinets

Our friends and partners at Crystal Cabinets  made a great video describing the effects of wood mellowing, AKA how sunlight can affect the look of custom cabinets over time:

Not only is this a fun science experiment, but it also gives clear examples of how cabinetry can change over time as it’s exposed to regular sun. This can affect your color scheme of course, but it’s especially important to keep in mind if replacement parts are ever needed.

This video also reminds us of a key practice that we take seriously: keep your samples out of the sun! We keep all of our samples (paint, tile, cabinetry, countertops, and otherwise) in a cabinet in our office to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the colors.

If you want to see some (un-mellowed) Crystal Cabinets samples in person or chat with us about how we can work together to create custom cabinets that are perfect for your home, reach out and give us a call! We’re standing by, ready to be of service.

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