Five Home Design Trends Perfect For the Fall Season

It may not feel like it outside, but you can bet your cable knit sweaters that fall is approaching. Before you know it, the temperatures will be dropping (into the mid-70’s), the leaves will be changing color (all at once and then falling off the next day), and the mornings will feel crisp and cool (at least this one is true!). Looking to usher fall into your home? We’ve curated a list of five fall home design trends to provide some vision for your next project:

  1. Pink. Millennial pink has been an “it” color for a couple of years now, and it isn’t going away anytime soon! This delicate, dusty hue can help add warmth to contemporary grays and neutral woods and is a great alternative to predictable fall oranges and browns. Peep some furniture inspiration a la West Elm here.
  2. Dark contemporary. When you think of contemporary home design, your mind likely conjures up images of stark, spacious, monochromatic white spaces. For fall, consider these same white spaces with pops of dark colors: navy, deep gray, and even jet black. You’ve probably seen hints of this style already with applications like white subway tile featuring black grout, black marble countertops (a switch from the typically favored calacatta), and dark gray or navy cabinets.
  3. Navy. Navy is a wonderful color to help usher in cooler weather: its moody energy helps to bring a serious tone to rooms when painted on the walls and it pairs well with other finishes du jour, like gold hardware. A navy vanity or island cabinet adds a layer of depth to an otherwise neutral kitchen or a navy front door can highlight your house without screaming for attention (*ahem* lookin’ at you, red doors!).
  4. Upscale Bohemian. I know these two words may sound contradictory but hear me out. Think: Scandinavian style + Anthropologie + house plants + hand knit throws + expensive candles. Voila! Upscale bohemian. The cozy feel that comes along with this style pairs well with cold weather and an “I’m staying in tonight” attitude.
  5. Natural finishes. I’m not just talking stain-free wood, here, folks. I mean full-on tables and countertops that look like they came straight off the tree, unfinished edges and all. Live edge dining room tables, countertops, and even bed frames. The good news is, when used well in conjunction with your home’s existing design, a natural finish can fit in well with all styles of décor.

If you like the idea of these fall and winter trends but are unsure how to incorporate them into your home, shoot us an email or give us a ring! We can advise on applications to suit your needs or even connect you with an interior designer, should you need one.

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