The 411 on Garage Floor Coatings

There are many benefits to upgrading the standard cement floor in your garage. Beyond being aesthetically pleasing, garage floor coatings are easy to clean, extremely durable, and can even help to prevent slippage. Looking to spice up your garage’s livelihood? Here are a few of our favorite garage floor coatings.

  • Epoxy. An epoxy floor coating is one of the most durable products on the market. It’s not like a paint, which has to dry; rather, epoxy is a resin that is poured on and then cured, ensuring its superior strength. If you’ve seen a garage with flecks of color throughout the floor, it was likely epoxy. This coating can be customized with a variety of colors and accent flecks, allowing for seamless integration into your home’s design and your tastes. Because of its multi-step process and the involvement of chemicals, it’s best to have a professional install an epoxy floor.
  • Tile. Tile floors are typically more expensive than vinyls or epoxies, but they provide a unique, high-end aesthetic reminiscent of a luxury car dealership. Porcelain is a classic choice of garage tile, but our personal favorite is Argelith’s ceramic Clinker tile, which is their self-proclaimed “indestructible classic!” The fun part about tile floors? You can use different colored tiles to create patterns, like checkerboards or stripes! The options are endless.
  • Vinyl. The perk of vinyl mats are that they are the easiest to install of the three options listed here. Like epoxy and tile, they provide protection benefits and hide concrete cracks and stains, but unlike epoxy or tile, they also deliver a small amount of sound absorption. There are plenty of brands to check out, but our tried and true vinyl floor mats are Better Life Technology’s G-Floor. They also provide parking mats, for those who aren’t looking to coat their entire garage.

Interested in installing epoxy, tile, or vinyl in your garage? Reach out and let us talk you through our process. We can help your garage look as good as new – and maybe even a little better.

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