We’re Hip with HEPA Filters

Pardon the bad joke, but under normal circumstances it can be hard to generate excitement around talking about HEPA filters. I’d assume that under current conditions, this topic might be a bit more intriguing, but just to be sure – I threw in the play on words.

We’ve always been excited about HEPA filtration, though. And not just because we’re nerds, though that is a factor. Why? A good filter helps us do less workOr, rather, it helps us focus our attention where it’s most needed: on ensuring that your project goes off without a hitch.

Pre-2016, we did the best we could to mitigate mess during a remodel. We used temporary walls to enclose the renovation zone, installed (and regularly replaced) standard air filters over air conditioning intake vents, and sw

Courtesy of the Journal of Light Construction

ept at the end of each day. As you can imagine, this a.) took up a lot of our construction managers’ precious time and b.) wasn’t as effective as we wanted.

Then we were introduced to something special: The BuildClean. This bad boy is a mobile, dust disrupting powerhouse. It has a course outer filter and a 360 degree HEPA air scrubber that gets rid of 90 (!!!!) percent of dust created during our work. Now, we keep a BuildClean on every job site; sometimes more than one if the project is big enough!

On top of all that dust-free goodness, HEPA filters can offer a little help in reducing the transmission of airborne viruses. We, like everyone else, have taken extra extra precautions to keep our employees, our subcontractors, and our customers safe the past few months. That being said, we’ll take any marginal safety measures we can get! Clean homes = healthy homes, now more than ever.

If you’re interested in talking about HEPA filters (are you sure?) or chatting about a prospective renovation project (that sounds more like it), please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to listen and help in any way we can!

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