Our 6 Favorite Hard-to-Kill Houseplants

Houseplants seem to be the go-to, trendy decoration for homes of all styles and sizes as of late. From tiny succulents to huge monstera leaves, these green companions make the perfect accessory for any room in your house. Here are a few of our favorite house plants with a couple quick tips to make sure they stay green and happy.

  • The ZZ Plant – this is the plant to start with if you’re new to the green thumb game. This guy tolerates low light, is great with infrequent watering, and doesn’t require any special treatment or fertilizer. Just be sure to water him every two weeks and keep him away from direct sunlight and you’re good! And no, there is no relation to ZZ Top.

    Photo courtesy of The Sill; a great website for house plants delivered straight to your door!

  • The Snake Plant – this is a cool looking, air-purifying fella and who also happens to be very low maintenance. Indirect sunlight, twice monthly watering, and a little bit of positive affirmation is all it’ll need. We’re partial to the laurentii variation, for it’s twisty leaves and cool coloring.
  • Rubber Trees – the rubber tree (hevea brasiliensis, if you’re feeling fancy) is a lovely option if you’re looking for something a little larger. It needs a good amount of indirect sunlight, regular watering in the summer, (it goes dormant in the winter and only needs water once or twice a month!) and will eventually need attention a la pruning and repotting as it grows. Although she can’t be planted outside in Dallas (zones 10 or 11 are preferable), if left to her own devices in nature, she can grow up to 100 feet!
  • The Spider Plant – First a snake, next a spider, what’s next – scorpion plant?! Fear not, what this plant lacks in a pretty name it makes up for by being a great air purifier. Like the other plants on this list, moderate indirect light and moderate, regular watering will make it happy.
  • Pothos Plants – Another champion air purifier, pothos plants come in a variety of colors (our favorite being the golden – it’s the “classic houseplant”) Odds are you’ve seen them around, and they’re pretty easy to care for. Medium light is ideal, but they can also do well in low light situations. Watering is a piece of cake, too: once a week or every ten days is the way to be!
  • Air Plants – if all else fails, get an air plant! It literally needs no maintenance. I’m serious: don’t even think about touching it. If you really want some green but are also deathly afraid of being a plant killer, this is the plant for you. There really is someone for everyone!
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