Part 4: Tile and Lighting and Paint Colors, Oh My!

Shopping is an important part of any remodel. Some people despise shopping, others consider themselves to be shopaholics, but wherever you fall on the spectrum, it’s important to go shopping before ever starting your project. Just so we’re all on the same page, I’m not talking about going shopping for clothing or groceries, I’m talking about making selections for your remodel. For example, in a typical kitchen remodel, it’s probable that you will need to select counter top material, back splash tile, paint colors, lighting fixtures, and even appliances.

Some contractors may be fine with getting a customer’s selections a week or maybe even a day before they are needed. However, in our experience, the sooner, the better. Lesson three: getting your selections set as early as possible will help to ensure a smooth project. 

There are a few reasons why I say this:

  1. Lead times. Especially with items like tile, lead times play a huge role in having an uninterrupted remodel. I’ve seen tiles be on back order for months (Italian tile factory strikes, man!), causing a massive hold-up on forward progress.
  2. Less confusion between homeowner, contractor, and trades. Some products need special installations that could alter costs or increase the time needed to install them. It’s best to know of these special needs before a job starts, rather than after you’ve completed tearing everything apart.
  3. Clearer pricing. While, yes, the fixed-cost bid is, well, fixed-cost, there are still allowances that could change the final figure. If all selections are made up front and allowance prices are figured in, this price becomes even more accurate.

I know this can all sound overwhelming. However, at most all vendors, there are helpful salespeople who can answer questions and guide you in the right direction. Still feeling like you’re drowning in paint chips and tile samples? Worry not! We have wonderful designers who find the daunting task of selecting to be invigorating. Weirdos, right?! However, these weirdos are exceptionally helpful when it comes to decorating for larger projects, helping an add-on or new remodel fit in with your existing home, and even just telling you which shade of white to paint your trim.

Overall, what I’m trying to say is that shopping is just as crucial as selecting a good contractor. Yes, you have the manpower to make the job happen, but without all of the supplies, you may come across a couple unexpected speed bumps.

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