Remodel Recap: Contemporary Outdoor Living

Scroll down for the story on how this beautiful outdoor living space came to be!

The project: the clients desired and outdoor living area where they could cook, entertain, and relax.

The must-haves: the kitchen needed a grill, warming drawers, refrigerator drawers, and a large sink. The living space needed a TV that could be protected from the elements and a fire table. The entire space would need to be covered and have adequate cooling and heating provisions to ensure it was usable year-round.

The before: the before of this project was pretty simple… there was nothing there! The only constraint on the space was a large tree which we weren’t permitted to (nor did we want to!) cut down.

The challenges: working to fit all of the clients’ desires in a space that was constrained by a pool on one side and a tree on the other made initial design planning a little difficult. Beyond that, we needed to ensure that the new, contemporary living area fit in with the existing exterior of the home. Finally, we had to work to find a fire table that could safely be installed under the living area’s roof without creating a fire hazard.

The solutions: a few rounds of workshopping the design ultimately landed at a galley kitchen adjacent to the living space which had plenty of space for all necessary appliances. A minor remodel of the back patio including removing a column and squaring off rounded edges (see below) helped blend old and new. Finally, a Montigo firepit fit the bill for a safe and stylish fire feature.

The patio was renovated to be more open and with square edges to fit in with the new living space.

Kitchen at the left, living at the right, beauty all around!

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