3 Things I’ve Learned About Life Working as a Remodeler

I’ve learned a lot from working as a remodeler. While many of the lessons are small and industry-specific (never put your tools on the new countertop, always inventory your plumbing orders as they come in), I’ve compiled a couple that can apply to almost any aspect in life:

  1. There will be mistakes. As much as building professionals like to think that they’re perfect, it’s almost unavoidable to have a mistake during a project. Whether a bathtub was installed an inch off center or a light in the master bedroom is turned on by a switch in the kitchen, it’s crucial to be ready when s#!t happens! The most important part of mistakes, is how you recover from them. Being proactive and avoiding a blunder altogether is ideal, but calmly, efficiently, and communally solving problems is the next best thing.
  2. Communication is key. Some of our best remodels happen when regularly scheduled meetings with homeowner and construction manager occur throughout the project. This ensures an open line of communication and allows both parties a floor to verbalize any issues or problems (see #1) that have come up and work on a way to solve them. I know it might sound a little weird to set up biweekly meetings with family or friends to communicate with them, but regardless of how you do it, consistent communication is absolutely, 100%, super-duper, freakin’ important in all areas of life.
  3. The struggle is worth it. Remodeling your home can be hard. After all, it’s a big life change and it can be pretty stressful. And noisy. And costly. And dusty (like, seriously, where did all this dust come from?!). But after it’s all said and done, you have a brand-spankin’-new space that is customized precisely to your family’s needs, wants, and design tastes. A space you can love and enjoy and make memories in for years to come. And doesn’t that make the blood, sweat, tears, and dust all worth it? I’d say so.

In a way, remodeling your home is a life journey just like going to college or starting a new job or having a child. There are a lot of varying factors, but in the end, the core lessons are the same: expect slip-ups, communicate freely, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Those are concepts that anyone can relate to, remodeler or not.

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