A Guide To Picking The Right White Paint

From monochromatic kitchens with clean, white cabinets to large, airy living rooms featuring spotless white walls, it seems like white paint has become the go-to neutral for all occasions. However, if you’re not careful in selecting your specific shade of white, your walls could come out shocking instead of serene. Here are some tips for picking the right white paint.

  • In the bedroom, opt for something creamy or soft. A few, varying shades of crisp whites can be integrated via the bedspread and other fabrics, but keeping the walls toned down will make sure the room feels calm in any light. Consider something along the lines of Ivory White by Benjamin Moore or Dover White by Sherwin-Williams.
  • In kitchens and living spaces, you can get away with just about any sort of white if the lighting is good. Brighter whites (like Strong White by Farrow & Ball) can complement bold hues nicely and work well in contemporary and transitional design. For something more traditional or with natural accents, a warmer white (see: Sherwin Williams’ Navajo White or Antique White) is your best bet.
  • For trim and wainscoting, a pure, cool white is a great choice to provide contrast and looks lovely with a glossy finish. We love Benjamin Moore’s Super White for this purpose.
  • For cabinetry, there are a few classics that fit the bill no matter what your style is: Atrium White or White Dove by Benjamin Moore, for example. These whites are like the Goldilocks of whites: not too cool, not too warm, and just right for large scale applications like a full room’s worth of cabinets.

I know, you’re probably thinking: holy SHARK BAIT that’s a lot of white! And you’re right! Even with a pared down list like this, it’s hard to differentiate how one white can be different from the rest. Worry not – we’re well versed in the language of shades, tints, and tones. If you need help figuring out which white is right, drop us a note and we can provide guidance to help you select the perfect white paint.

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